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Trouble Shooting
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A/C is Not Cooling:

  1. Is the thermostat in the Cooling Position?

  2. Is the temperature set lower than room temperature?

  3. Is air coming out of the vents? (if Yes) Check the A/C unit outside to see if it is running, if it is not, check the power switch in the attic to see if it is turned off. Often times maintenance people working in the attic will mistakenly turn off the A/C power switch thinking its the "light switch"...This happens a lot!!

  4. If the outdoor unit is running, but not cooling inside you must call your service technician.

  5. If the outdoor unit is not running, check you're A/C breaker at the electrical panel and reset breaker if necessary.

  6. If the unit comes on after resetting breaker and starts cooling, you have been successful. If breaker trips again, you must call your service technician.

Not Heating:

  1. Is the thermostat in Heating Position?

  2. Is temperature set higher than room temperature?

  3. Is there any air coming out of the vents? If yes, call your technician. If no, go into the attic and check the power switch. Often the power switch in the attic is mistaken for the "light switch" and turned off by mistake.

Year Round Preventative Maintenance


  1. If you are using regular fiberglass filters, you should replace them every 30 days.
  2. Before purchasing expensive filters, such as electrostatic or pleated filters, consult you're A/C technician. This is important because many times A/C systems are not designed to operate with these very restrictive filters. This can cause the system to run much cooler temperatures than they are designed to operate causing compressor failures. It will also cause the system not to cool properly and run for long periods of time without cycling.

Spring A/C Check:

It is recommended that the A/C system be checked by a service technician in the spring before heavy usage. This will assure that your system will be running efficiently. The technician will check for proper drainage (a stopped up drain plug can cause a lot of damage in your attic) by placing algae tablets and blowing out the drain line. The technician will also check the refrigerant levels, clean the condenser coils, oil the fan motor and check many other important components to assure top performance from your A/C system. These steps will prevent possible water damage and expensive A/C repairs.

Fall Furnace Check:

It is recommended that the furnace be checked in the fall before heavy usage. The technician will check all the safety devices. He will also be checking for carbon monoxide entering into the air stream, gas leaks and any other dangerous gases. This will insure the system is operating at peek performance and operating safely.

We hope these tips will help and if we can be of further assistants, give us a call. We'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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